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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring is one of the oldest types of flooring in the world. It has a beautiful  natural flow and can add a warm feel to any home. Hardwood is considered a "Hard Surface" to home appraisers which can raise the value of your home. We have partnered with the number 1 hardwood wholesalers in the U.S. to bring you the best prices and highest quality available. We have a wide range of looks and types of hardwood.  As with any floor, there are pros and cons to consider before deciding on hardwood flooring.




  • Easy to clean with a vacuum, broom or mop 

  • Often considered the most beautiful of all floor types

  • Its an excellent insulator and retains warmth

  • Can be sanded and refinished multiple times

  • Adds Value to your home as a "hard surface"

  • Does not hold allergens and dust unlike carpet does

  • Endless varieties and styles to choose from 

  • Vulnerable to Moisture and humidity

  • Not suitable for laundry or bathrooms

  • Some finishes can scratch easily from pets and high heals 

  • Hardwood is the most expensive type of flooring

  • Will wear over time and need refinished typically every 10 years

  • Slightly noisy to walk on 

We Partner With Local Wholesalers 

To Offer You The Highest Quality Product

At The Most Affordable Prices!!

Our "LOW" Overhead    Saves You Money 

Guaranteed !!!

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