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Carpet can add to the comfort and coziness of any home. We have partnered with one of the largest carpet wholesalers in the U.S to provide you with a huge selection of colors and styles. Our sales people have 24 hour access to our partners luxury show room, where you can select from our in stock options and our special order options. If you have found carpet that you want somewhere else, we can beat the price and give you $100 for buying through us instead. There are pros and cons to consider before choosing carpet as your flooring option.




  • Creates a comfortable atmosphere

  • Acts as insulation to retain warmth in Winter

  • Soft and very comforatble to walk on

  • Acts as a noise damper

  • Lots of colors styles and variations to chose from

  • Cleans with a Vaccum

  • Stains more easily than other flooring options

  • High traffic areas can wear quicker

  • Cheaper to install than Hardwood or tile

  • Recommended steam cleaning once a year

  • Holds dust and allergens if not vacuumed regularly

We Partner With Local Wholesalers 

To Offer You The Highest Quality Product

At The Most Affordable Prices!!

Our "LOW" Overhead    Saves You Money 

Guaranteed !!!

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